Client Service

We normally work with you on:

Proof of concepts

Ever wondered whether a concept will work or you are going down a rabbit hole, we could work out quite quickly for you whether there is any merit in integrating SOA suite from one vendor with Data coming from another vendor/platform. It doesn’t have to stop there – whether you needed a fully worked out example of a mobile application integrated with your back end suite or example of indexing loads of content in your repositories – just ask.

Full end to end designs

Focussed design engagements

Design assurance and governance

Assist in other areas of change management


A big plus of working with us is we keep providing you with indicative estimations at every stage and since we are focussed on Design only hence can work with your vendors to assess their estimations without any assumptions.

We are quite flexible on our engagement models and it ranges from embedding a consultant within your existing teams to a completely outsourced models. We prefer to work with you to understand your unique position and advise you the correct engagement model – don’t worry we will have some anonymised examples why one method is more successful than other.